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Dogmatic Music

It's The Bible

A perfect resource to engage children/adolescents in Scripture and Liturgy.

It’s the Bible is a collection of 14 songs from The Dogmatics, a band who brings the stories of the Bible to life for young listeners. Calling on a wide variety of musical styles, It’s the Bible will have you rockin’ with King David and movin’ with Moses to the Promised Land. Zaccheus grooves to the mellow sounds of the double bass and a Gospel Choir celebrates the Breath of God at Pentecost. The songs tap in to the every day experiences of young people through a wide variety of modern music styles. "It's The Bible" is a current resource in the NSW stage 1 syllabus for religious education. It is also a perfect resource for schools, families and church groups.

There is also the option of purchasing an original script for a play that links the stories using all the songs from the CD. Its flexible design allows it to be used as a whole or else each scene can be performed individually. The play and songs have been road tested by their writers in Religious Education lessons! A songbook is also available and contains melody, chords and lyrics for all the songs on the CD. The format is simple so that children can learn to play the songs.


Sample of Script:


Yes that’s right Paul, the church became well established and the story of how that happened is written in this book [he holds up the Bible] God’s word.

The Word of God has been told from generation to generation. The journey of God’s people is amazing. Tonight we’re here to take a look at what is the most important book in the history of the world. Yes folks, it’s the Bible.

[Go into song opening chorus number with whole cast It’s the Bible. (Track 1). At the end of the song Peter and Paul move to a commentator’s desk at the front side of the stage. Curtain closes behind them.]

Sample Lyrics

It’s the Bible

Well it’s the book for young and old

Greatest story ever told

Tells all about God’s great plan

For every woman, child and man

It’s the key to your survival. It’s the Bible

Sample musical score:

Dogmatic Music

Dogmatic Music

Track Listing:

  1. It's the Bible
  2. In the Beginning...
  3. Adam & Eve
  4. Noah
  5. The Favourite Son
  6. Moses
  7. Show us the Way
  8. David
  9. The Prophet Song
  10. Hey Zaccheus
  11. Holy Week
  12. Thomas' Song
  13. Song of Pentecos
  14. Road to Damascus