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Welcome to Dogmatic Music!

Dogmatic Music produces educational resources in the form of songs, plays, ceremonies, assembly items and teaching activities for schools in order to engage students and make learning fun.


Dogmatic Music make top 10 in songwriting awards second year in a row

Neil, Paul and John enjoyed the presentation dinner of the Australia Songwriters Association Awards last November in Sydney. They received a top 10 award for their song “Happy Mother’s Day” and were awarded their certificate by Little Patty. Dogmatic Music were awarded top 10 places for their songs “Lest We Forget”, “Australia Remembers” and “We Rockalot” in 2010.

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Dogmatic Music and “The Rockalots” - collaboration with Illawarra Children's Services

Following the success of “Hey Billy Backpack” - Dogmatic Music’s theme song for the mascot of Illawarra Children’s Services (ICS) transition to school program – Dogmatic Music was commissioned by ICS in 2010 to produce an album of songs for preschool to infants children. Under the name “The Rockalots”, the album, “Blast Off”, has been a hit with children Australia wide. The title track “We Rockalot” made top 10 in the Children’s Category in the 2010 Australian Songwriters’ Competition. The Rockalots have performed at several local festivals and never fails to get the crowd moving! For more on The Rockalots and to purchase an album and Activity Kit see: http://www.ics.org.au/rockalots 

Visit the Rockalots Facebook page

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Dogmatic Music Turns Down the Heat:

Our song ‘Turn Down the Heat’ has recently been used by a number of groups internationally to draw attention to the effect of climate change and rising sea levels on our Pacific neighbours. Check out the song being performed at the end of this video prepared by UNICEF to promote the 2011 “State of the World’s Children Report”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6DpVzRU1Iw

The song was also performed at the Welcoming Ceremony of the Tarawa Climate Change Conference where it was reported that the song’s “relevance and power was referred to by delegates several times during the deliberations”.

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