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Jesus This Is Your Life - New improved 2012 version!

Our popular resource Jesus, This is Your Life has been updated this year to make it even easier to use. We have combined the songbook, musical scores and play into the one book and added to it a page of teaching activities and illustrated lyrics to go with each song. It is an ideal musical resource for schools, families and church groups.

Jesus, This is Your Life is based around 15 songs, each telling different episodes from the life of Jesus or parables from the New Testament like they have never been told before. From a beautiful ballad about the Sermon on the Mount to a bluegrass re-telling of The Feeding of the Five Thousand, the resource covers a wide range of musical styles and brings the Gospels to life. The play has been performed by many schools across Australia and the songs have been used for school performances and assembly items. Now, with the addition of teaching ideas for each song, the versatility of the resource as an educational tool has been enhanced.

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Jesus, This is Your Life is a a 5 part resource (parts 1-4 in the one book).

Part 1 consists of lyrics, teaching ideas and an illustration for use with each song from the music CD. Teaching ideas for each song suggest ways the songs can be used for reflection, teaching purposes or performances.


Sample 1

Part 2 is the musical score for each of the songs.


Sample 2

Part 3 is a full-length play (approximately 1 hr in length) using the songs from the CD for use by schools for either class or whole school performances. The play explores the life of Jesus using the format of the popular This is Your Life TV show. It can be performed in whole or in parts as it is designed in ‘self-contained’ episodes around each song.


Compere: Well he certainly doesn’t hide his talent. (Laughs) Only kidding. Jesus you mixed with all types of people, often outcasts from society. For example, tax collectors didn’t seem to be the most popular people in your day.

Jesus: No they certainly were not.

Compere: Things haven’t changed much have they? (Laughs) Just joking. Seriously though, they weren’t all that bad. I wonder do you remember this voice from your ministry days ?

Zaccheus: Let me up that tree, I must see the master.

Compere: Yes, your old friend Zaccheus. (Zaccheus enters.) Tell me Zaccheus did the words of Jesus really change your life?

Zaccheus: You bet! I was not a nice person. I was keeping lots of the tax money that I was collecting, for myself. But when I heard of this man talking about forgiveness andhis father’s kingdom, it really did something to me. That’s why I climbed the tree to get a better view of this special man from Galilee. I was mesmerised.
(He walks across stage to tree like structure in a type of trance. Angel or ghost-like woman comes on singing Zaccheus, referring to Zaccheus. At the end of the song, Zaccheus walks back over to Jesus and the compere. Woman stays on stage)

Zaccheus: It wasn’t just me. He (pointing to Jesus) saved a woman who was found guilty of committing adultery. (Music Throw the First Stone starts, Zaccheus raps the words. The mystical woman sings the soprano . At the end of the song woman departs, Zaccheus joins compere and Jesus)

Compere: Thanks Zaccheus, please take a seat with the others. (Joins others)

Jesus this is your life

Part 4 is a backing CD which can be found in the pocket on the inside back cover. The backing CD contains ‘karaoke’ versions of all fifteen tracks to be used to accompany performances.

Part 5 is the full musical (vocals and instruments) CD, separate to the book.

Sample 3

Now only $75 for the whole resource including postage and performance rights!

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Dogmatic Music

Track Listing:

  • 1. Jesus This Is Your Life
  • 2. John The Baptist
  • 3. Forty Days in the Wilderness
  • 4. Cast Your nets
  • 5. Do Whatever He Says
  • 6. Sermon On The Mount
  • 7. Five Thousand People
  • 8. The Prodigal Son
  • 9. The Good Samaritan
  • 10. The Question (Centurion's Prayer)
  • 11. Don't Hide Your Talents
  • 12. Zaccheus
  • 13. First Stone
  • 14. Holy Week
  • 15. Thomas

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