Mary MacKillop

Dogmatic Music

Mary MacKillop: A Saint in Every Way

The Mary MacKillop Kit contains all the resources necessary for Australian Catholic Schools to provide an engaging and educational commemoration of Australia’s first saint.

It consists of:

    A Music CD

  • - Journey of Faith.
  • - A Saint in every way.*
  • - Candle of your life.
  • - Clap your hands for Mary.*
  • - Backing tracks for each song.
  • *Written especially for Primary Schools.


    A Resource CD

  • - Liturgy (Word Doc.) Easy to follow and adapt. Includes readings, Prayers of the Faithful, actions, candle ritual and the story of Mary’s life. Also incorporates the four songs.
  • - A quick time movie to use with Candle of your life.
  • - Sheet music.(Pdf)
  • - Lyrics (Word Doc.)
  • - Assembly item/dramatised reading. (Word Doc.)


Full usage rights are included in purchase.

Our aim is to make our resources as user friendly as possible. We know teachers don’t have a lot of time to prepare meaningful ceremonies, so we do this for them. And we have the experience. All our work is trialled in the classroom before it is finalised.

Teachers also appreciate being able to adapt the liturgy to suit their needs. The word doc. makes this simple!

We have had an amazing response to our ANZAC Day and Reconciliation kits and feel very sure you will be well pleased with this resource...So please check it out!


Sample from Liturgy

Mary’s early life

READER 1: Mary Helen MacKillop was born on the 15th of January 1842, in Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne. Her parents had come a long way to from their home in Scotland to settle in Australia.

Mary was the eldest of eight children. With such a large family, her parents struggled to put food on the table.

Mary worked from a young age to help support the family [Mary enters holding a bag or suitcase].When she was only 18 years of age, Mary left Melbourne to take up a job as governess and teacher of her uncle’s children at Penola, a small town in South Australia

[Mary walks to one side where there is a table and chairs set up to represent a classroom. 2 students sit representing her pupils and 2 other students dressed in ragged clothes stand looking on as if peering through the window] .

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