Together We Will Witness

Dogmatic Music

Songs for Masses and Liturgies

The Dogmatic’s repertoire is born out of classroom experience. Together We Will Witness features music for young people, to enhance the expression of their faith with contemporary style music. This CD is specifically designed for use in masses and liturgies for young people; it includes songs for gathering, offertory, communion, and dismissal. There are also psalms and hymns suitable for reflection and prayer.

This long awaited compilation is a must for every Religious Education setting. The songs are for all age groups and easy to sing and play. The songbook contains chords, melody and all lyrics. The song of the album’s name was written for World Youth Day and has been chosen to be included in As One Voice; The Spirit of a New Generation. The bonus track, Turn Down the Heat was included in the Pacific Calling Partnership’s compilation of music. It is a great song to use to help explore ecological themes and even has a rap section!


Sample Lyrics

Together We Will Witness:

We all travel different roads

We see the face of God in pilgrims on our way

Lord it’s you we seek in ev’ry step we make

Lord it’s you we need in ev’ry breath we take

Sample musical score:

Dogmatic Music

Dogmatic Music

Track Listing:

  1. Together We Will Witness
  2. You Lord
  3. We Gather
  4. The Lord is My Shepherd
  5. God Works Through Your Hands
  6. Hail Mary
  7. Rejoice, Rejoice
  8. The Offertory Song
  9. Accept and Bless
  10. The Eucharist Song
  11. Do To Others
  12. Sermon on the Mount
  13. I am the Vine
  14. Like a River Flow
  15. Turn Down the Heat