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The Walk On Kit is an educational resource to commemorate Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week or NAIDOC week. It contains an easy to sing reconciliation song with 3 song based lesson plans. The kit is aimed at promoting Aboriginal Reconciliation in schools and greater understanding of what Sorry Day (May 26th) and Reconciliation Week (May 27-June 3) are all about.

Dogmatic Music have created an easy to use ceremony for Primary Schools and a separate liturgical version for Christian and Catholic schools.

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The “Walk On” Unit contains:

- The song “Walk On” (a reconciliation song).

- 3 lesson plans based around the verses of the song

- Reconciliation Ceremony (State Schools)

- “Walk On” score, lyrics and a quality karaoke backing track.

- Reconciliation Liturgy (Adjusted Ceremony for Religious Schools)

- Additional Teaching suggestions

- Copyright permission included

- (Postage only $3.00!)


Sample from Walk On work unit:

Lesson 3:

During Verse Three we recall all the injustices which have been inflicted upon Aboriginal people since European settlement. Many Indigenous people died as a result of disease, poverty, dispossession and brutality. The traumatic removal of Aboriginal children from their parents has been well documented. We recall the suffering and pain experienced by our original inhabitants, in the hope that recognition of this suffering will make all people more committed to ensuring that such injustices do not happen again.

Verse 3:

We can't forget the past with all the suffering and pain If we walk together, it won't happen again. We're children of Australia, the Great Southern Land We will walk together to hear and understand.


Aboriginal music has a strong rhythmic basis. Students should be introduced to clapping sticks, bull-roarers and the didgeridoo. Part of verse 2 is intended to add an Aboriginal feel and the didgeridoo finishes the song.

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Many Aboriginal dances mimicked the movements of animals and told stories of everyday events. Students could be encouraged to create their own movements to reflect important things in their lives.

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Sample musical score:

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